This process applies to all tests done on patients; blood, urine, stool samples, skin biopsies, x-rays & scans, cervical smears, mammograms, etc.

If you have a test done, please ring the Clinic 3 days after your test to discuss your results with the Nurse as this acts as a safeguard for results that may not be delivered to us or that may get lost in the system.

All results are checked by your doctor.

Normal Results

We do not routinely contact patients to discuss normal results except Cervical Smears and HIV tests. Please ring the reception to book a time with the doctor if you wish to discuss any results

Abnormal Results

If we receive an abnormal result, we will contact you as soon as possible.
If your result requires follow up with the Doctor or Nurse, you will be contacted by the Nurse or Receptionist.
If you require a repeat test or further testing is required this will be arranged automatically by the Nurse and where practicable you will be contacted by the Nurse or Receptionist.

Special Results

The Nurse will ALWAYS ring the patient to advise them of a Cervical Smear result. If you do not hear back 10 days after your test, please contact the Nurse. HIV test results are always reported back by the Nurse.If you do not hear back within 5 days of your test, please contact the Nurse. Mammogram results are routinely given directly to patients by the service providers, so we do not ring you back. If you do not receive your results within 5 days of your test please contact the Nurse. INR results for patients on Warfarin will be conveyed to patients by phone or text or email on the day of their test or the following day. Do not change your dose until you hear back from our staff. If you do not receive your result by 12 noon the next day, please ring the surgery.

Copies of Results

We do not routinely send you copies of your results. If you require a copy, please contact the Nurse or Receptionist. You can request that the Service Provider (Laboratory, Radiology Clinic or Scanning Clinic) sends you a copy of your results directly at the time the test is being done.

Results Checking Fee

Please note that a fee of $10 will be invoiced to your account for the Doctor to review your results. This fee will not apply if you have an appointment to see the Doctor to discuss the results. Please ring the Nurse 5 days after your test for your results.

CareConnect TestSafe – Central Storage of Laboratory Results

Test Results, Prescription Information and other selected information is available to health professionals involved in your care via secure online database known as CareConnect TestSafe. You can choose to restrict sharing of your test results by calling 0508 CARE CONNECT (0508 227 326). However this may result in some tests being re-taken. You can choose to Opt On or Opt Off at the time the test is taken.

Insurance Medical Requests

We regularly receive requests from insurance companies for the release of medical information. Prior to the release we request that you confirm your authority to release the information. We cannot guarantee the ongoing privacy of this information once it has been released to the requesting party. Please note that if the requesting party does not agree or does not pay for the information requested, you will be invoiced on a time basis to complete the reply ($90 per 15 minutes).